*Teaching will be done in English only

30 minutes per lesson
Children who are staying with us in in the classroom can participate at no extra cost.

As they sing, they will learn the basics of everyday conversation.
In this class, by improving their English listening comprehension, getting used to the unique rhythm and feel of English, and stimulating the hippocampus (a part of the brain that plays a major role in memory and learning) through song and dance, children will get in the habit of using English, and have fun along the way.

English Subjects

  • The names of basic colors and foods,
  • the names of animals, the sounds animals make,
  • Parts of the body, and the names of the fingers,
  • Basic action words, greetings for first meetings, everyday greetings, and greetings for morning, daytime, and night
  • Back channeling, affirmatives, negative expressions, answering at school, goodbyes
  • Talking about time, asking and listening, words of support and comfort
  • Ordering fast food, ordering at a sit-down restaurant, expressions that can be used at restaurants and when making requests
  • The many uses of "go," and "gotta" and "gonna"
  • Well-wishes, asking for permission, compliments, offering, making sure