Our aims are to provide internationally compatible leadership skills and creativity
Childcare services & School
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Why KidsClie ?

KidsClie (Children's school of Creativity, Leadership, Initiative and Expanded awareness of world cultures)means



Expanded awareness of world cultures

Our aims are to provide internationally compatible leadership skills and creativity

Childcare services & Experience Based Learning School.

KidsClie began in Shirokanedai Tokyo, Japan in 2011.
We have 4 school in Omotesando, Myogadani, Shirokanedai, and Yotsuya.

All of them are famous for their sophistication and knowledge of various cultures.
Our programs have been developed by the concept of experienced based learning in order provide enjoyment and enhance each child’s skills.

In Japan, our schools are in high demand, so we have a long waiting list.
KidsClie work has been covered by major Japanese media outlets including The Nikkei and Toyo Keizai.
Please join as soon as you can enter KidsClie.


Our Program will enable children to:

Act Autonomously

-Discover each child’s individual qualities
-Set their own goals and realize them
-Express their opinions and ideas

Use Tools Interactively (e.g. language, technology)

-Use language and information technology creatively
-Use varieties of tools for interacting effectively with the environment
-Understand such tools well enough to adapt them for their own purposes

Interact in heterogeneous groups

-With engage children from a range of backgrounds,
-To co-operate with others in an increasingly interdependent world
-To be open to different ideas and experiences

Science Laboratory

Children will learn through first-hand experience with actual experiment, make discoveries and experience wonder through activities, and gain knowledge that ties into the sciences (biology, geology, physics, chemistry) that they will study in school.
The educational benefits of Experienced-based learning can also be reflected in the child's future exam results. Guardians whose children have completed their middle school entrance exams have told us that the Science Laboratory experience proved helpful at exam time.

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LEGO® Education School

The LEGO® Education is designed to develop children ‘logical thinking skills and creativity with playing. This experience-based learning will enable children to:

  • Inquisitive Mind
  • Creative Thinking
  • Concentration
  • Communication skills

These skills are needed in society in the future.

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In this Experienced-based learning course, children will learn about artists from around the world, view the artists' works, and study their techniques. Then, the children will create works of their own. In doing so, they will develop their creativity, as well as an appreciation of the arts.

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English Conversation Through Dance

30 minutes per lesson
Children who are staying with us in in the classroom can participate at no extra cost.
As they sing, they will learn the basics of everyday conversation.
In this class, by improving their English listening comprehension, getting used to the unique rhythm and feel of English, and stimulating the hippocampus (a part of the brain that plays a major role in memory and learning) through song and dance, children will get in the habit of using English, and have fun along the way.

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