Information on the KidsClie Science School Kits

Wouldn’t it be great to have the wonderful experience of science experiments as part of daily school life?

We provide the KidsClie Science Kits every month, which children can use to do science experiments in English anytime, anywhere.
All you need is a desk and a chair, and no prior preparation.
The key points of the science experiments can be viewed in the monthly online training and video recordings in English.

What is KidsClie Science School Kits?

KidsClie Science School Kits are designed to make kids think, “This is fun! I want to learn more and study more!!”
They come as a set of experiments that pique children’s curiosity, together with lessons that go beyond just having fun and investigate the “Why?” behind the experiments.

We help children learn to ask questions, think, observe, and be proactive. Through our fun experiments, children learn about chemistry, physics, biology, and geology. Our hands-on learning activities uses laboratory equipment that suits to the developmental stage of the children.
There are two levels for preschool children: beginner and elementary.

-Sherbet without a refrigerator
-The properties of aqueous solutions taught using red cabbage, etc.

-Looking at the function of plants under the microscope
-The secrets of fire, etc

The KidsClie Science School Kits were developed through a three-step process based on 11 years of experience in teaching children about science experiments.
You can count on the content to be highly educational.


Beginner: Let’s make artificial salmon roe *Part of 60-minute lesson

Elementary: Filtration and the Laws of Nature *Part of 70-minute lesson

What are the 5 Top Benefits in Your School?

1. Conducting science experiments without specialists
We provide science experiment guides and kits, as well as online training sessions, all in English. There is no need for having a specialist familiar with science experiments with you.

2. We provide starting equipment and laboratory materials
The most difficult part of holding science experiment classes is arranging the materials for the experiments. KidsClie will arrange everything for you.
We carefully select and arrange initial supplies for experiments specifically designed for preschoolers.

3. Classes can be held as part of daily activities or as a new segment class
You do not need to hold your classes event as part of KidsClie Science School.
You can introduce lessons as a daily activity for your facility, and set the course fees as your own workshop.

4. Hold events at your own pace
You can choose to have workshops weekly or twice a month. During the summer and winter camps, we plan special workshops and provide offers for general public participation.

5. We also provide original lab coats for your facility
We can make original lab coats with your facility’s desired logo or design.
This can also enhance the STEAM education brand.


What KidsClie?

We began as a private school for children in Shiroganedai, Tokyo, as Kodomo Clie Juku, in April 2011.
With the goal of nurturing international leadership and creativity, our school implemented the Bill Gates Foundation’s EdVision project-based learning methods, and conducts daily workshops, including science experiments, for of students. We operate five schools across Omotesando, Shirokanedai, Myogadani, Yotsuya, and Nihonbashi.

We started KidClie in 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand.
We operate a STEAM education child care and pre-school for Japanese and multi-national children starting from 1.5 years old.

Why do Kids learn Science?

Kids are born scientists.
We aim to create a world of unlimited possibilities, where children can learn science, give shape to their ideas, and change the world!

Opening Lessons

To start using it, you have to sign a contract with VisionGate Ltd., the company that runs KidsClie.

The time from your application to the start of classes can be as short as one month. (Please note that the delivery of Initial equipment and lab coats may take some time.)

Monthly online training is conducted in English by a Bangkok-based teacher that holds daily experiments at preschool. (Japanese is also available upon request.)

Contact Us

For more information on our services or agreements, please contact us using this contact form.

The person in charge in Japan will be your point of contact, and will answer any questions you may have when implementing the contract.

VisionGate Ltd.
Head Office Minegishi Bldg. 2nd Floor,3-16-11 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku,Tokyo,
Japan 108-0021