We offer children from1.5yrs to 8yrs a stimulating learning environment tailored to their individual needs.
-We integrate STEAM into Our classes
-classes will be taught in English, Thai and Japanese

Science Laboratory

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science
Our Hands-on science experiment is the effective way to teach kids to be problem solvers and critical thinkers and help them develop a curiosity about the world around them.

LEGO® Programming・Math

Kids grow their creativity, critical thinking and Early Math skills through play-based learning. Programming lessons come in a range of challenge levels and cover science, engineering, maker, and computational thinking. Kids build their confidence to define problems, ask questions, and design their own solutions.

Soro Touch(Mental Calculation)

Soro Touch utilize the notion of abacus to provide our student with new skill to calculate quickly and efficiently using iPad.with both visual and auditory arithmetic training.


In this Experienced-based learning course, children will learn about artists from around the world, view the artists' works, and study their techniques. Then, the children will create works of their own. In doing so, they will develop their creativity, as well as an appreciation of the arts.

English Club

English Club with parental participation from 0yrs to 3yrs old.
Children can learn English and have fun through Music Short story Games and work sheets.
This class helps your child build confidence in English speaking and improve listening skills.


Kids can choose class in English, Thai, and Japanese.