*Teaching will be done in English, Thai, and Japanese.

In this Experienced-based learning course, children will learn about artists from around the world, view the artists' works, and study their techniques. Then, the children will create works of their own. In doing so, they will develop their creativity, as well as an appreciation of the arts.


For children age 3 and over (children as young as 2 years of age can participate, provided that they can sit in a chair and work on their own for 20 minutes)
60 minutes per lesson
Participants work independently to learn techniques and emulate works of art.



Children age 5 over
75 minutes per lesson
Participants will learn techniques, think up their own ideas, and create their own works of art.

Subjects and World Artists:

#1 Trompe-l'oeil (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)
#2 The Night Sky (Van Gogh)
#3 Dot Painting (Indigenous Australian Art)
#4 Making Uchiha Fans (Jackson Pollock)
#5 Making Dream Castles (Hundertwasser)
#6 Painting with Repetition (N.S. Harsha)
#7 Building Worlds with Miniature Silhouettes (Zadok Ben-David)
#8 Painting with a Green All My Own (Gustav Klimt)
#9 Waterfall Paintings (Hiroshi Senju)
#10 Making semi-three dimensional paintings (Frank Stella)
#11 Rain Paintings (Hundertwasser)
#12 Finger Paint Pointillism and Gradation (Paul Signac)
#13 Décalcomanie(Max Ernst)
#14 Bubble Art
#15 Let’s try painting using various things!
#16 Original Colored Paper and Collage(Eric Carle)
#17 Otto Nebel’s Color Atlas(Otto Nebel)
#18 Draw a picture of a dog with "Katsushika Hokusai, Ryakuga haya-oshie"
#19 Let's carefully observe and draw fruit! (Max Ernst)
#20 Pop-up introduction cards
#21 The Colorful Tree with the Strange Berries (Niki de Saint Phalle)
#22 Drawing with lines; angled pictures (Paul Klee)
#23 Mysterious living things (Craig Costello)
#24 The universe in the eyes (Yoshitomo Nara)