Let’s start Soro Touch(Mental Calculation) with us!

Let’s start Soro Touch(Mental Calculation) with us!
The new mental calculation training method “Soro Touch” classes will be started next year

Soro Touch utilize the notion of abacus to provide our student with new skill to calculate quickly and efficiently using iPad.with both visual and auditory arithmetic training,
Student gain a storong sense of how numbers work witch becomes useful,not only when doingthe math,but in practical use through everyday life.
We offer variety of games,friendly characters, and ranking system to see all the students leaning with us.

Suggested ages:5-8

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12/2(Fri) 15:45-16:45(English)
12/3(Sat) 10:20-11:20(English)
12/5(Mon) 15:45-16:45 (Thai)
12/9(Fri)  15:45-16:45(English)
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